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IE Innovations, Inc. electrical department was founded in 2005. We are a full electrical contractor. With an experience of 20 years in the field.


In 2005 we started honoring our skills and building our portfolio, specializing in the low voltage (Smart Homes) industry and the development of new software to make tedious old-school processes seem easy and fast to execute thru the internet.


In 2008 we saw the need to incorporate our electrical department with a printing and promotional department into the most direct marketing that an artist or company has with their clients, the internet! We felt there was so much potential in this medium but for the most part the content was handled so poorly that great potential was largely wasted.


We wanted to change that and bring a fresh look and enhanced usability to the Internet through which companies, Artists, products and services could benefit our clients.


After a few years of struggle, guided by our passion and vision of a next-generation Internet, we started seeing the fruits of our efforts and we proved to ourselves and to potential clients that we had the right outlook. Our position in the interactive design and development market was secured.